Short Breaks Commissioning


What we would like to achieve for our members ?

That Parent Carers have a better understanding of the Short Breaks Application Procedure and respite care .


These are the actions that would lead us to our outcomes 

  • Parent Carer reps attendance at and full involvement in Capital Grants Funding processes ensuring parent carer voices are heard and taken seriously
  • Cascading parent carers so that they share this knowledge:
  • What is it
  • How to Apply
  • How to spend it with the payment cards
  • Available services to all Children who have a Disability and Additional Need
  • Respite care is this different from a short break
  • Available Resources for all to access.
  • Updated info on the Local Offer Regularly

After our latest Zoom Chat with Amanda Price Short Breaks Commissioner we asked a few questions and the replies have been sent back to us .

PCV questions re short breaks jun 20 – responses

PCV questions re short breaks responses Mar 2021

Targeted SB Allowance Prepaid Card Guidance

We will know that these actions have had the planned impact

  • More young people are able to access the Short Break Allowance
  • Young people will feel valued and not lost in the system
  • More info on the Local offer and updated regularly .