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For when your child has additional needs & requires extra support (special educational needs (SEN)). Ensuring voices are heard.

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Parent Carer Voice is a group of parents in Herefordshire who are working with the local authority and health partnership to ensure the needs of children up to the age of 25 years with disabilities, Special Educational Needs are met.

More about PCV Herefordshire

PCV Herefordshire is made up of:

a steering group of volunteer parents

a wider network of parents and carers of children up to age of 25

a working party for coproduction of services available to children with additional needs and the Strategic partners of the Local Authority and the CCG.

PCV Herefordshire is also a member of regional and national networks

 NNPCF , Contact & Healthwatch 




Our main Priorities (See Priorities Tab for more info) for this year 2020 -21

Coproduction is  imbedded into all of our priorities .

Growing the Membership

Early Assessment & Diagnosis

Education & Health Care Plans

Post 16 Transition/Support

Short Breaks Commissioning



The core of what we do is to enabling families to have a voice, be able to come together and work with professionals to make to local services and being parents together for practical and emotional support.

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Why have a forum for parent carers?

A parent carer forum is a group of parents and carers of Additional needs children. Their aim is to make sure the services in their area meet the needs of the children and their families.

They do this by gathering the views of local families and then working in partnership with the Strategic partners (Local Authority, Education settings ,Health Providers and others )to highlight where the local services ,processes and Commissioners are working well, or to challenge when changes or improvements need to be made .

Parent Carers can often pinpoint problems frequently experienced by Families with Additional needs children. This knowledge is useful to professionals as they plan services to meet the children’s needs.


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What kind of things can you do?

Parents and carers are the experts of their own children and therefore have a wealth of knowledge



Talk to other parents in your area & share information



Be part of a social group



Learn about the full range of services



Attend meetings & conferences to gain information



Join our steering group



Feel empowered to advocate for your child

PCV Why get involved?

Share Knowledge

Share knowledge and information with parents going through the same processes

Gain Skills

Gain skills, knowledge and also build confidence


Influence decision makers because their service affects your family


Together we can make positive changes

Our Volunteers

We are a voluntary group of Herefordshire parents and carers and are always looking for additional dedicated volunteers. The amount of time you are involved is entirely up to you.